World Premiere of the All-New OUTLANDER

The all-new MMC OUTLANDER made its debut on Amazon Live, making it the first automobile to be launched on the platform. It will go on sale in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico in April 2021.

The OUTLANDER is the fourth generation of the series. Styling emphasizes its powerful sense of presence with the next generation Dynamic Shield front face, large diameter 20-inch wheels1, fenders and bold proportions.

The cabin space features an enhanced feeling of quality and convenience through a high-quality interior, comfortable three-row seven seats, liquid crystal meter displays, and a new wireless smartphone charging function. Globally, the total sales volume of the OUTLANDer series has reached 2.6 million units.

The design concept of the all-new OUTLANDER is “Bold Stride”, representing a bold, adventurous attitude and confidence to move forward. The strong, horizontal-themed proportion from front to rear, the contrast of broad and powerful surface and character lines with sharp edges, as well as the large-diameter 20-inch wheels and overhanging fenders that emphasize the wide-body express a bold aura and a sense of presence and stability.

The body colours come in MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ unique high-brightness paint Diamond Series, Red Diamond and White Diamond, and Black Diamond is newly added to the lineup. Also available are six basic colours for a total selection of nine body colours. 

The next-generation Dynamic Shield expresses strong performance and protection of both the people and the car.

Mitsubishi has used an ultra-high tensile strength steel sheet with hot stamping around the cabin to create a high-strength cabin structure. The newly developed platform greatly improves collision safety performance.

The 2.5L gasoline engine improves maximum output by 8.9 percent and fuel efficiency (WLTC mode) by 2.6 percent over the previous model. Torqueful and powerful at low to medium rpm but smooth and easy-to-handle at high rpm. The multi-link suspension and dual pinion electric power steering achieve high-quality ride comfort.

For the 4WD model, electronically-controlled 4WD incorporating a hydraulic clutch driven by an electric motor is used in the center coupling device. The front and rear wheels can be strongly restrained from when the vehicle is stopped, so the rear wheel drive force is generated at the moment of start off.

This generates power under severe conditions, such as starting off uphill on frozen roads. The Brake AYC (Active Yaw Control) is adopted on the rear wheels as well, making it possible to provide front and Rear Wheel distributed control. Sensors detect the steering angle, yaw rate, driving torque, brake pressure, wheel speed, and other factors to identify driver operation and vehicle status.

The all-new OUTLANDER is equipped with drive modes that allow the driver to select the vehicle driving characteristics that are optimal for a variety of operation styles and driving situations. The modes bring out the high road handling of 4WD models and increase the potential of 2WD models.

 When a mode is selected, an image representing the driving situation is displayed in the meter to let the driver intuitively select a mode.

P-Line features genuine leather seats of light gray and black. Saddle tan accent color and semi-aniline leather seats are also available as an option for the P-Line. H- line features black suede combination seats and piano black interior material. M-Line offers light gray or black fabric material seats and pianist black interior. Real aluminum is used in the shift panel and the instrument panel and door trim.

The front seats have a two-layer urethane structure to ensure the seats are comfortable the moment they are sat on. Roominess and comfortability is enhanced by widening the body and increasing the legroom of the first and second-row seats.

The 12.3-inch full digital driver display is equipped with a MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ first full-screen, full-color liquid crystal display. For certain trim levels, a large 9-inch screen is used for the center display with Smartphone-link Display Audio navigation system.  Functions for receiving the latest traffic information or updating software online are also planned for the near future.  There are two types of meters depending on the trim level.

The all-new OUTLANDER is a family SUV that offers three-row, seven seats, which is unique in its class. The windshield-type 10.8-inch Head-Up Display project in full color the information required for driving. Multiple types of information can be displayed at the same time.

The center console tray also has a wireless phone charging function (15W) that charges smartphones when placed on it. The BOSE premium sound system is used for the speakers, which combine large door woofers with dual subwoofers for powerful deep bass and a high-quality sound like a live performance.  The seats can be flexibly arranged with multiple configurations to suit the number of passengers.

Mitsubishi Connect is installed as a car support system that allows users to enjoy a more comfortable car life and a safe driving experience. Button can be pressed to request aid from the call center if the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident.

It automatically reports when an airbag is deployed and handles theft and theft incidents. Remote operation can be used to start the engine and turn on the air conditioner before getting in to make the cabin comfortable during cold winters and hot summers. Available for 4WD models only.    

Mitsubishi Motors’ internal sales data from January 2001 to December 2020 is based on MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ internalSales data from Jan 2001 to Dec 2020, and based on gasoline, diesel and PHEV variants, and on sales volume including gasoline and diesel variants.      Total sales volume includes gasoline, Diesel and PH EV variants.