Volvo organises a women-only car drive to promote gender equality

Volvo is a name synonymous with safety. Across the globe, vehicles manufactured by Volvo are considered to be the safest on the roads. The company has been relentlessly striving to ensure zero fatalities inside a Volvo car in case of an unfortunate accident. While many car manufacturers use crash test dummies based on the average male only, Volvo’s global E.V.A initiative involves creating a Female Crash Test Dummy, thereby delivering safety for all.

Dr.Komal Rao being felicitated by Mr.Charles Frump, MD- Volvo Car India

As a part of its ‘Equal Vehicles for All’ (E.V.A.) initiative to promote gender equality, Volvo Car India flagged off an all women drive today in Mumbai. Volvo has been gathering and researching upon actual data from car accidents and have discovered that women are at higher risk of whiplash in an accident than men due to different anatomy and body strength. They’re also more likely to suffer chest injuries, and their shorter average height means they sit lower in the car and closer to the steering wheel, which calls for different head protection.

Volvo Cars line-up at the rally

The seats in a Volvo car are egonomically designed with WHIPS to reduce the whiplash risk for male and females by half. The Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) relies on an intelligent structure to boost overall safety. In fact, SIPS, together with the side-impact airbag, reduces severe chest injuries by more than 50% for all passengers.

Mr. Charles Frump, Managing Director – Volvo Car India said, “We are very proud of our campaign to generate awareness about gender equality. It is something very close to our brand and the corporate mission to have atleast one-third women in all leading positions globally by 2025. We have a healthy 23% ratio of women globally and in India. Our global E.V.A initiative involves creating a Female Crash Test Dummy, thereby delivering safety for all”.

Panel discussion before the rally

The gender equality does not stop just at product development, it is an integral part of our corporate mission and culture. Volvo Cars is aiming at one-third of all leadership positions by 2025 to be females and has a healthy 23% women workforce.