VE Commercial Vehicles sells 6083 units in September 2017

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors joint venture) sold 6,083 units in September 2017 as compared to 4843 units in September 2016, recording a growth of 25.6%. This includes 5934 units of Eicher brand and 149 units of Volvo brand.

Following are the key highlights for August 2017:

  • Eicher branded trucks & buses have recorded a total sale of 5934 units in September 2017 (YTD 26272 units) as compared to 4734 units in September 2016 (LYTD 29063 units), recording a growth of 25.3%
  • In the domestic CV market, Eicher branded trucks & buses have recorded sales of 5084 units (YTD 22529 units) in September 2017 as compared to 4148 units in September 2016 (LYTD 24864 units) representing a growth of 22.6%.
  • On the Exports front, Eicher branded trucks & buses recorded a total sale of 850 units in September  2017 (YTD 3743 units) as compared to 586 units in September 2016 (LYTD 4199 units) representing a growth of 45.1%
  • Volvo Trucks has recorded sales of 149 units in September 2017 (YTD 324 units) as compared to 109 units in September 2016 (LYTD 307 units).

In August 2017 the company also announced plans for Eicher Trucks and Buses to be assembled in Bangladesh.

The new state of the art facility being set-up with Runner Motors, is in line with Eicher’s vision to drive modernization in the commercial transportation in Bangladesh.

Eicher Trucks and Buses has been present in Bangladesh since 1993 and in the last few years has significantly expanded the distribution network through partnership with Rangs Motors and Runner Motors.

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