Temporary Car Insurance – Stop, Start or Cancel at Any Time

An annual insurance policy suits most motorists, but occasionally you may find that you only require the usage of a car for a short period. In these instances, it seems like a waste to take out an annual policy and especially if you only need to use the car for one day or even one trip. It is, of course, illegal to drive a car without insurance and it is something that should not be risked, even if it is just one short trip.

Temporary Cover

So, what should you do if you need insurance but only for a brief period? Temporary car insurance is a fantastic solution that allows you to receive cover from anywhere between one and 28 days. This provides flexible cover and it does not impact a driver’s No Claims Discount (NCD), unlike if they were to add a driver to their annual policy.

Common Situations

There are many scenarios where temporary car insurance can come in handy, but here are a few of the more common ones:

  • Taking a car for a test drive
  • Borrowing a friend’s car
  • Sharing the driving on a long trip
  • Helping somebody to move
  • Visitors coming from abroad and need a car
  • Making a business trip
  • Gap between one annual policy ending and another beginning
  • Returning home from university


The great thing about temporary car insurance is that it is so flexible, and it can be started, stopped or cancelled at any time. When you arrange the insurance through a reputable insurer like Dayinsure, cover can be arranged in just 15 minutes provided the acceptance criteria is met. The certificate is emailed immediately, and you can then begin to use the vehicle without fear of being uninsured. This is unlike adding a driver to an annual policy which can be a complex, time consuming and stressful process.


Those between 19 and 75 are eligible if you have a valid driving license (other nationalities are accepted too). You simply need to provide basic details, the vehicle registration number, driving license number, how many days cover, cover start date and optional extras (like breakdown).

There are often situations in life where you require the use of a car that is not yours or you are not insured on. In these situations, temporary car insurance is the best solution as it provides adequate and flexible cover whether it is just for one trip or for an entire month.

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