Tata Motors is FUTUREADY with the all-new powerful 1000 bhp PRIMA Race Truck

TATA Motors is all set to showcase the new and powerful 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA Race Truck in Season 4 of T1 PRIMA TRUCK Racing Championship which will be held at the Buddh International Circuit on 19th March 2017.

This all new powerful truck is in line with TATA Motors commitment of launching first-of-its-kind initiatives as leaders of the commercial vehicles segment in India.

New Tata T1 Prima develops 1000 bhp, 3500 Nm torque and is driven by a 16 speed gearbox.

With more than double the power in comparison to the customary T1 race trucks competing in season 4, the all-new 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck will further add exciting dimensions of speed and character to T1. Similar to race trucks that compete under the broad umbrella of the FIA in the United Kingdom and Europe, the all-new 1000 bhp T1 race truck is a perfect example of the capability and flexibility of Tata Motors next-generation World Truck, the Tata PRIMA.

The engine of the all-new 1000 bhp T1 race truck is being developed in collaboration with Cummins Inc. of the U.S., a world leader in diesel engines, enabling Tata Motors to not only set new benchmarks in T1 and the sport of truck racing, but in the Indian commercial vehicles space. The new T1 race truck is the most powerful truck built in India by far.

The T1 Prima 1000 bhp accelerates from 0-160 km/hour within 10 seconds and has a massive torque of 3500 Nm @ 1600 – 2200 rpm.

The new T1 race truck is based on a 12 litre ISGe Cummins engine, mounted in the center of the chassis for equal weight distribution, with enhanced fuel delivery and air flow, producing 1040 HP @ 2600 rpm. The power is managed by an all-new ZF 16-speed gear box, making it fastest race truck developed by Tata Motors. With high performance rotating parts made of special materials, the engine is meant to withstand high temperature & pressure that a race truck is subject to on a race track.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ravindra Pisharody, Executive Director – Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, said, 

“After having hosted three successive T1 seasons, we at Tata Motors are happy to announce our next big innovation in the form of the 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck. Built with specifications similar to that of trucks that race globally, the vehicle was developed in a record time 12 months – a demonstration of teamwork, speed and capability. With this new track based machine, we are truly ahead of contemporary; we are FUTURE READY and through T1 we’ve proved time and again to showcase a distinctive partnership between sporting and technological excellence for the Tata Motors brand.”

Season 4 will also see accomplished racers from FIA’s European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) competing in the championship for the very first time.

The ETRC will be represented by six racers from the rest of Europe, who will compete in the PRO CLASS category alongside six British drivers from the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA), who have raced in T1 since the sport was first introduced in 2014.  Among these are Spanish Antonio Albacete, three time ETRC Champion (2005, 2006 & 2010), Hungarian Nobert Kiss, two time ETRC Champion (2014 & 2015) and T1’s first woman driver Stephanie Halm.

In Season 4, Tata Motors has also partnered with some of the country’s leading automotive brands. These are WABCO – Official Braking Technology Partner, JK Tyre – Official Tyre Partner, Castrol – Official Lubricant Partner, Cummins – Official Engine Technology Partner and Tata Technologies – Official Technology Partner.


Engine – 1040 HP, 12 litre engine mounted in the centre of the chassis for equal weight distributions over axles

Gearbox – 16 speed gear box with hydraulic assisted gear shifting which gives comfort to the driver while shifting the gears

Chassis – Box type frame, specially made with 2 cross members only Sub-frame – reinforced with frame to enhance structural rigidity of frame, as well for packaging components

Racing Seat – Inclined (slipping mode) type

Steering Wheel – Detachable type fitted with 20-degree castor angle for better steer-ability and self-centring at corners

Cabin – Day Cab fitted with Roll Cage

Engine Cooling System – Intercooler mounted vertically & Inclined mounted Radiator with 2 cooling fans inside the closed duct. Additional nozzles for water spray on Radiator & Intercooler to enhance cooling efficiency

Braking – Front & Rear Axle mounted with Disc type brakes for higher braking efficiency & speedy cooling

Tyres & Wheel Rims – Racing specific slick type smooth tread tyres

Suspensions – 2 Leaf springs, pneumatic shock absorbers with 3 adjustment & displacement sensors

Brake Disc Cooling – Air pressurised water fed to brake discs through sensor based Nozzle Jets. Primary cooling through continuous water flow & secondary jet operated automatically on increase of Brake Disc Temp. Arrangement has 3 Aluminium Tanks with a total capacity 180 litres of water.

Fuel System– Light-weight 80 litre aluminium tank and fuel cooler

Power cut off switch – Mounted at rear, operated manually, as well as mechanically

Electronics system – App Based (Wi-Fi enabled) remotely controlled diagnosis

Driver Information System – Provision of Rear View Camera, GPS etc. Display unit with Touch Screen