Piaggio Fast Forward introduces GITA & KILO mobility solutions

Mobility of the future Gita and Kilo -The First Products From Piaggio Fast Forward.

Piaggio Group have showcased the GITA and KILO Mobility solutions by their group company Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF).

With the new company Piaggio is thinking about the future and expanding its vision to include a much broader range of technological solutions compared to its current core business.

Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), is established and controlled by the Piaggio Group to be an advanced American research centre for future mobility.


GITA is an autonomous vehicle, designed to assist people which can carry up to 18 kgs. The vehicle can follow a person reaching up to 35 km/h, and knows how to move independently in a mapped environment.

Gita is a 26 inch tall light vehicle that can carry up to 40 lbs.; its name means ‘short journey’ in Italian.

Gita is able either to navigate high-density urban spaces while following people or to move autonomously along pathways that it has already traveled. It’s an everyday assistant designed to help people walk, run, pedal and skate their way more freely and productively through life.

While KILO is the “big brother” of GITA, and which has a larger capacity and can transport up to 100 kg in its 120 lt compartment. It has good stability mainly due to its three wheels.

GITA and KILO concepts will help to provide support to people in the various activities that characterise their movements in everyday life.

Both GITA and KILO could be the future porters and could useful for shopping and going to market. They can also be used deliver goods from shopping centres to homes and offices.

Piaggio Fast Forward builds robots and lightweight transportation solutions that travel behind, beside, and beneath people on the move.

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