Mileage Tips – How to increase your car mileage


With increases fuel prices, its important we switch to more fuel efficient cars or simply change your driving habits to extract more mileage/fuel efficiency from your car.

Here are some tips which could help you get the best mileage from your car and reduce your fuel bills:

  1. Always maintain recommended tyre pressure (Check once in a month). Refer Tyre information label on driver side door/pillar on your vehicle or under specification section of owners manual. Under inflated tyres increase rolling resistance, which leads to higher petrol consumption.
  2. Drive at steady speeds between 50-60 kmph
  3. When accelerating, shift down to a lower gear and accelerate gradually instead of flooring the pedal in the same gear
  4. Keep air filter clean
  5. Avoid idling at red lights, it wastes fuel. Switch off engine if stop time is more than 60 seconds
  6. While braking, coast down to a lower speed in gear with your foot off the accelerator, and then shift the gear to neutral
  7. Shift to 5th gear as soon as possible. Typical speed for gear shifting with AC off is:
  8. 1st to 2nd 10 km/hr
  9. 2nd to 3rd 20-25 km/hr
  10. 3rd to 4th 30-35 km/hr
  11. Drive smoothly. Avoid sudden breaking and acceleration
  12. Remove your foot from clutch pedal after changing gears
  13. Your car’s fuel efficiency improves after run in period. It stabilizes after 3000 kms. (In a new car, higher friction leads to lower fuel efficiency)
  14. Best way to calculate car’s mileage is by following the full tank to full tank method
  15. Run the car till the tank is ¼ of its full capacity. Fill the tank full again in the same fuel filling station
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