Luxury You Can’t Give Up – VW releases TVC for the all-new Passat

Volkswagen today released a brand new TVC for the all-new Passat. Based on the MQB platform, the Passat is powered with an efficient 2.0L TDI engine mated to a 6-speed DSG gearbox. Generating peak power of 130kW (177 PS) and a torque of 350 Nm ranging from 1500 – 3500 RPM, the Passat is available at an introductory price of INR 25.99 Lakhs.

Created and conceptualized by DDB Mudra group, the TVC begins with a cinematic narrative set in the backdrop of Ladakh’s magnificent and breathtaking terrain. A local native is playing his musical instrument by the campfire when he’s suddenly mesmerized by the sound of an approaching four-wheeler. Capturing the surrounding beauty, the Passat cruises along the remote, tough and grueling terrain of the Himalayas. While the Passat impeccably showcases its handling all through the drive, the mysterious individual meets disapproving stares from its passersby.

The Passat garners a lot of attention for its sleek and sophisticated look, which further increases the aspirational value for its spectators. As smiling heads turn to see this iconic carline, the mysterious individual behind the wheel is revealed in an unexpected and memorable manner. 

Speaking on the launch of the brand new TVC, Mr. Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars says, “The Volkswagen Passat is an exceptionally iconic car known globally for its sheer design, performance and superior safety. Equipped with path-breaking technologies and innovative vehicle assistance system, the Passat is a carline you cannot give up. Rightly showcasing this sentiment, DDB Mudra has created an unexpected visual of a prospective Passat owner.”

Added Shagun Seda, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group, “How do you break the conventions of luxury car advertising without really breaking them? Add an unconventional twist. The Passat is the perfect example of effortless luxury. It makes a statement without shouting .We stayed true to the Brand’s style of communication by telling a simple and human story with a playful wink at the end.”