Land Rover Journeys to begin with Brahmaputra Experience from 26th Jan 2019

Jaguar Land Rover India announced the introduction of ‘Land Rover Journeys’, that have been exclusively curated by Cougar Motorsport for owners of Land Rover vehicles in India. ‘Land Rover Journeys’ are a unique set of long dynamic-drive expeditions that allow customers to bring their own Land Rover vehicles and experience some of India’s most treasured cultures and landscapes, while exploring the breadth of capability of their own Land Rovers.

Rohit Suri, President & Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India said, “The legendary capability of Land Rover vehicles opens new doors of adventure, bringing our customers and their families closer to unique life experiences. With Land Rover Journeys, we endeavor to engage with our customers at a much deeper level and deliver experiences which they will love for life”.

The first ‘Land Rover Journey’ will be the Brahmaputra Experience, from 26thJanuary to 1st February 2019, set in Northeast India. A dedicated team of trained Land Rover Instructors from Cougar Motorsport will manage the drive and logistics. More information on ‘Land Rover Journeys’ is available on