Jaguar Art of Performance event experience in Mumbai

We got an opportunity to experience the Jaguar cars at the Art of Performance Tour in Mumbai.

The Jaguar Art of Performance Tour is a series of dynamic drive experience events that will provide an opportunity to experience what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a Jaguar under the guidance of expert instructors.

The entire range of Jaguar vehicles, the XE, XF, XJ, F-TYPE and the recently launched all-new Jaguar F-PACE, were available for the guests to experience.

The Art of Performance is all about experiencing the Jaguar cars and their prowess.

The Jaguar Art of Performance exercise was divided into 3 Activites:

  1. Pylon Slalom (Zig Zag)
  2. Braking side ways
  3. F-type sports drive

Customers were divided into groups and the session started with briefing about safety rules. Each group was headed by a group coordinator who escorted us to the Activity bay.

The first activity was driving the cars zig zag followed by braking to a complete halt. Every individual was given a chance to experience all the cars such as Jaguar XE, XF and F-Pace.

I first sat in the Red F-Pace as I thought it would be more fun to experience the sporty crossover. We were first asked to do a trial run to understand the track and activity.

Each one of us got a chance to experience the Jags and its ability to tackle the turns at high speed. All cars behaved very obedient and stopped to a complete halt when the brakes were applied even at high speed.

The F-Pace was more fun, considering how big the car is,  there was hardly any roll and driving the beast was like a car. The XE was one of the best in the small area due to its compact dimensions.

The next activity was to drive fast and the brake hard soon after changing the lane. The activity was to demonstrate the cars braking and stability which one would encounter in case we happen to come across any object or car and then brake after trying to avoid crashing into the object. In real time scenario, the car could lose traction and may encounter a mishap.

We got an opportunity to text the XE, XJ flagship sedan and the F-Pace.  The XJ is a long car but handles like just any other sports car.

The final activity was to tame the CAT. The F-Type Coupe and F-Type Convertible were available for the drive.

The track was simple and straight, means one must accelerate and then brake hard after some distance. Simple right?

The only instructions given were – Floor the throttle and brake once you see the Jaguar boards. Tried doing exactly the same and I could feel my heart pumping with full adrenaline. The cars exhaust note is something I could hear countless times.

The event ended with a feedback form. Wish the track was a little bigger which could help to further explore the cat’s performance.

To sum it up it was a great experience at the Jaguar Art of Performance and hope we get to drive the cars once again in the future.

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