Indian Government okays manufacturing of ATVs in India


Some news to rejoice of adventure and ATV lovers as the highways ministry is set to give the go-ahead to manufacture all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in India. Currently ATVs are used primarily in adventure sports and for border security in difficult terrains like hilly regions, deserts and along the coastal belts.

The Highways minister has approved the proposal outlining the emissions and safety norms for producing this new class of vehicles in the country. In India Polaris and a few other companies sell ATVs which either imported or assembled. The ATV’s prices range from Rs. 4- 30 lakhs depending on the models and once made in India the prices are expected to come down significantly.

 Global players like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki & Suzuki who sell two-wheelers in the Indian market may also consider launching these products as demand for such vehicles have seen a surge, thanks to mainly tourism companies and security forces. Honda is evaluating the market and plan to launch ATVs in India soon.

List of companies who sell ATV’s in India

  1. Polaris 
  2. Adventure Wheels
  3. Nebula Automotive
  4. Xtremeways
  5. Harison Motors
  6. Powersport
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