How Does a Tie Rod Works?

The automotive tie rod end is an essential part of vehicle steering mechanism. The helps the vehicle steer well and responsible for the smooth handling. It comprises of inner and outer ends. The spokes you see in a bicycle wheel are tie rods. It basically transmits the force from steering centre link to a steering knuckle. As the name suggests, it is your car’s steering rack to the steering arm, which is connected to a wheel. Two types of steering systems are available – rack and pinion steering and mechanical steering. The first one, rack and pinion steering is a simple operation while the mechanical steering is a complex measure. In a rack and pinion steering, when your turn the steering, the pinion gear attached to the shaft will roll with the steering rack, which is attached to both front wheels and moves the way you turn your steering.

However, the mechanical steering linkage system includes the gearbox. So, when you turn the wheel, the steering shaft will bring gears to the motion which controls the pitman’s arm. This moves the steering rack the way you move your steer. Both the system has a simple yet, the important part, named as Tie Rod and plays a key role in the steering system.

The importance of tie rod in a car cannot be ignored as without them, the steering system will fail. These are the centre point of the steering system, steering arm, and wheel. The outer tie rod is adjustable, which allows you to change its length in order to fix your vehicle’s alignment. The problem in tie rods can lead to issues in the handling of the vehicle. Hence, in order to avoid any mishap, the vehicle’s steering and suspension should be checked at once a year with a complete wheel alignment. In case your car needs a tie rod assembly, you will most likely to face the alignment problem as well. So this has to be done.

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