Heritage vehicle display at India 4×4 Week

We were excited to read about the Heritage vehicle display at the India 4×4 week and we did make it to the special display dome.

Apart from a few Land Rover Defenders and older generation Range Rovers there were no vehicles, except the Toyota FJ Cruiser from Goa.

Heritage Vehilcle Display India 4x4 Week (16)

We did love the small display of vehicles but the eyes and heart was not satisfied after the hype created by the organisers.

The Heritage vehicle display was opposite the International Convention centre in Dona Paula. There about 11 vehicles on display and all parked in a single line with very little space around them

The organisers could have at least put a carpet or some foundation to park the vehicles.

Pictures of vehicles displayed at India 4×4 Week

Land Rover Defender

Range Rover Classic (1st Gen)

Land Rover Defender (2012)

Land Rover series II , 2 Door

Range Rover Classic (1st Gen)

Toyota BJ40

Heritage Vehilcle Display India 4x4 Week (48)
Land Rover series II

Land Rover series I SWB

Land Rover Defender

Heritage Vehilcle Display India 4x4 Week (40)

Another Defender

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