Elite Octane with Swiss Eagle presents “The Valley Run 2015”

India’s Biggest Drag Racing Event

  • Over 380 entries, 235 participants, 140 Superbikes, 95 Supercars competed to set the record for Best Quarter mile
  • Celebrity Exhibition Runs by “Furious 7” star– Ali Faizal.
  • Cars & Bikes from brands like Aston Martin, Harley Davidson and many more to be driven by their owners & enthusiast.

The Aamby Valley airstrip once again played a host to drag-racing enthusiasts from different parts of the country. The 2015 Valley Run, on January 10th – 11th, witnessed participants astride machines with various cubic capacities in an attempt to set the best quarter-mile time. Over 7,000 spectators attended the two-day event in Aamby Valley City.

The participants came in with their modified motorcycles and cars stripped down to their bare mechanical essentials in the interest of reducing weight.

The Valley Run is India’s Biggest Drag Racing Event which takes place on a secluded airstrip. Organized by Elite Octane, the event attracted around over 380 competitors, who were segregated into different classes according to engine size, make and modifications. They were then allowed one practice run to get their launch right before the final run. Those who had a jumpstart were allowed another run, but at the cost of a penalty fine.

This will be the third edition of the event, promoted by Elite Octane which will see cars and bikes of various designs and horsepower blitz down the 402-meter drag strip in pursuit of the fastest time. Last time around, a tuned Kawasaki ZX-14R, set the record time of a scarcely unbelievable 9.843 seconds for a quarter mile!

The highlight of The Valley Run 2015 was the Nissan GT-R, the car that can reach a top speed of 193 mph (311 km/h). In the last edition, Nissan GT-R clocked the fastest time of 11.268 seconds – extremely impressive for a 1.7-tonne street car. If that’s not enough, Various racing Cars & Bikes of brands like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Harley Davidson, Ferrari, Porche, KTM  & Audi R8 were also present at the event. All these just made it worth a watch at the Aamby Valley City.

The Elite Octane’s Valley Run is approved by Federation of Motor Sports Club in India (FMSCI) sanctioned event, FMSCI is the only national motor sport federation recognized by the Government of India for the promotion and control of motor sport in India.

To time these speed demons you need a precise timing equipment. To ensure the accurate result the team has a imported a Professional Race America Wifi timing equipment (the only one in the country) which completely runs on the Wifi system for precisely measuring each second and can time the worlds fastest cars and bikes.

The Director of Elite Octane, Mr. Rongom Mukherjee  says “The Valley Run has stepped even further in terms of Participation & Partnership, We have more than 380 Numbers of registration which is drastically higher than last year and in terms of partners, we also had International partners supporting the event such as the film “Furious 7″ from the Fast & Furious series not only that Mr. Ali Fazal, the leading actor of the movie also witnessed the event”

The Team of Swiss Eagle is equally excited with the partnership with Elite Octance’s The Valley Run 2015. The Managing Director, Mr. Ujjval Saraf said “Swiss Eagle and The Valley Run are a perfect match for each other because timing is the crucial element in both racing and watch making. In Swiss Eagle, every time piece is made to match the exact second and The Valley Run racing is about trying to outdo your own challenge by the seconds. This association has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to our long term association with racing.”

About the Organizers

Elite Octane Inc.’s Vision is to develop & promote Motorsports in India with nothing less than International level Events & properties. In pursuit their vision Elite Octane has developed & promoted various aspects of Motorsports in India.  With a huge fan base & minimal support in various pockets of the Country – Elite Octane has always strived to  highlight & bring forth various properties with International & National tie ups to provide the enthusiasts the very best in the World. This not only applies to Motorsports, but also in the Entertainment Space with strategic tie-ups for maximum benefit. Elite Octane has also taken efforts to promote young talent & create a platform for them to enter into mainstream racing teams

Swiss Eagle, a wrist watch brand established in 1961 in Beil, Switzerland by noted watch professional, Hans Knoll. The brand has dedicated itself to the production & development of finely tuned wrist watches. As a brand it portrait itself with tremendously agile, streamlined with strength & unmatched power. It takes its name from the majestic peak of the Alps, which is truly a magnificent creature. Its range of timepieces, comprises of high quality, performance & demonstrate the same power, precision & dynamism from its namesake.

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