Chevrolet Introduces Fueling Possibility Initiative


Have you ever stopped to consider the positivity you bring to your friends, family or greater community? Chevrolet has enlisted the cognitive capabilities of IBM’s Watson platform to develop the Chevrolet Global Positivity System – a mobile and desktop website that evaluates users’ social media presence to gauge their positive impact.

“A positive, never-give-up attitude has been a driving force for the Chevrolet brand for more than a century and has motivated us as a team to turn the impossible into the possible,” said Jack Uppal, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience. “We encourage people around the world to reflect on their own outlook by using the Global Positivity System and to consider the possibilities in their own lives.”

Fueling Possibilities is a campaign designed to bring Chevrolet’s tagline of “Find New Roads” to life by demonstrating the connection between positivity and Finding New Roads. The campaign began with Chevrolet taking over fuel pumps around the world and turning them into “Positivity Pumps” where consumers could have their online social profiles analyzed. Using IBM Watson technology, participants received a score based on how positive they are in social and then in turn received a corresponding amount of fuel.

To demonstrate the Global Positivity System, Chevrolet tied-up with Shri Om Filling Station, Gurgaon to inspire positivity among patrons. Visitors were given the chance to pay for fuel with their positivity; by taking on the Chevrolet GPS experience. To take this concept to the masses, Chevrolet created a microsite that gives everyone a chance to discover their positivity score and get a glimpse into their social personality.

Chevrolet sought to create a tool that could provide the most accurate snapshot of a user’s social sentiment. In working with IBM to incorporate Watson’s functionality – a first for the automaker – Chevrolet found the perfect solution to meet its goals. Using IBM’s Watson Personality Insights and AlchemyLanguage APIs, Chevrolet’s Global Positivity System is able to build a detailed personality snapshot for users that is based on multiple criteria, including a social media analysis to evaluate sentiment and a personality characteristic evaluation to help guide users toward activities for their next adventure.

The output also includes a score based on Watson Sentiment Analysis capability, which provides an interpretation of the positivity of users’ Facebook and Twitter posts. Users can then share their score with each other via social media and compare it to the average of the Global Positivity System community. The platform will also identify each person’s most positive and least positive posts, as well as their most frequently used positive words and Emojis.

In addition to a positivity score and sentiment analysis, the snapshot highlights users’ top three personality traits identified by Watson Personality Insights, such as excitement and self-expression. The site then encourages users to Find New Roads that may appeal to their traits, such as touring a museum or taking on a new hobby. Pairing personality to possibility is just one way Chevrolet is driving positivity and around the globe.