Your Cab has Arrived, More Ways to Get Around with Google Maps

Navigating around big cities is a difficult task and it can take precious time to figure out whether it’s best to drive and deal with traffic and parking, hop on a train or bus, or take a cab. But, starting today it will be a bit easier. When you search for directions using the latest version of Google Maps on your mobile, you will see a dedicated tab with information for cab services, in addition to the existing driving, public transport, or walking options you’re familiar with. So the next time you’re leaving work to meet a friend for dinner, or heading to a client meeting in a new city, you will be able to compare all your commuting options right from within the Google Maps app.

From today, if you’re looking for a cab service in major cities in India, you will be able to choose from Uber or Ola cab services. If you have a provider’s app installed, you will be able to see fare estimates and pick up times and if a car is available near you. Uber users will be able to choose from uberGO and uberX services, while Ola customers can choose from Ola Mini, Ola Micro and Ola Sedan options.

Once you select a service, the app will take you directly to the Uber or Ola app for you to request your ride with one tap. Having all your commuting options in one place makes it easier to make quick comparisons about the best route and get an estimated fare. When it makes sense, Google Maps App will also show cab availability when viewing the map in walking or transit directions.

Currently, this new feature on the Google Maps App is available for Android only, but it will be coming very soon to iOS. So the next time you’re looking to zip around a city, open Google Maps on your phone to figure out your most convenient mode of transport to get where you’re headed.