BMW India enthralls Pune and Ranchi with BMW xDrive Experience 2018

BMW India commenced the 2018 edition of the BMW xDrive Experience in Pune and Ranchi. This unique BMW Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) driving experience has been specially curated for adventure seekers and is being held on 08th & 09th September 2018.

The event will also showcase the best in class capabilities of the all-new BMW X3, with the use of Virtual Reality Technology to give a virtual test drive of the car on planet mars in complete 360 degree view which will showcase the key off-roading capability of the car.

BMW X5 in action at BMW xDrive Experience in Ranchi

Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

The Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment was created by BMW. The introduction of the BMW X5 in 1999 opened up totally new dimensions for all-wheel drive vehicles. The BMW X5 is a Sports Activity Vehicle with off-road capabilities that could be driven like a sports car. The concept of the BMW X5 encompassed the development of all-terrain models with a clear orientation towards luxury. The BMW X5 captured the imagination of its customers with a level of dynamic performance unmatched among its off-road peers. With the BMW X3, BMW picked up the pioneering baton once more and introduced the SAV concept into the midsize segment. The BMW X3 was born with more compact dimensions than the BMW X5 and even more agile handling. With the BMW X6, BMW offered an entirely new type of car, a unique design concept and driving dynamics never seen before – the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé. It unites apparent opposites, such as size with agility and sportiness with elegance. The Sports Activity Vehicle segment was further redefined with launch of the BMW X1.The BMW X1 is the world’s first Compact Sports Activity Vehicle with a young and modern character.  With its agility and versatility, the BMW X1 guaranteed a new driving experience in the premium compact SAV segment.

BMW xDrive in Pune

BMW xDrive.

The BMW xDrive is an intelligent all-wheel drive system that monitors the driving situation constantly and distributes drive power smoothly between the axles. BMW xDrive splits drive variably to the front and rear axles to suit the driving situation and the surface. Under normal driving conditions xDrive works with a basic 40/60 torque split front and rear. If there is any sudden change in requirements on account of differences in the friction values between the road surface and the driven wheels or because of the driving situation, the torque split can be varied within a fraction of a second without the driver even becoming aware of the change.

In contrast to other manufacturers, who use all-wheel drive principally to make up for the shortfall in traction suffered by front-wheel-drive vehicles, BMW tunes its xDrive system to provide handling typical of rear-wheel drive. Even in normal situations on the road, all-wheel-drive BMW models send the lion’s share of drive to the rear wheels.

BMW X5 in action at BMW xDrive Experience in Pune

Intelligent and variable.

Starting from a distribution between front and rear axle of 40:60 as is prevalent in normal driving situations, the power distribution can be altered to continuously variable levels. According to the requirements of driving dynamics, the power transmission proportion may vary between 50:50 and 0:100 per cent. Thus, xDrive uniquely enhances directional stability and driving dynamics when taking bends at speed.

Action, not reaction: xDrive “thinks” for the driver and acts instantaneously.

With BMW xDrive reacting within fractions of a second, the system offers enormous advantages in terms of traction. When setting out on slippery or loose ground, for example, the time-lag between the loss of wheel grip on the surface and the re-distribution of drive forces to wheels with grip is only a few milliseconds. And it thinks ahead too. As one drives, the xDrive analyses data from the on-board electronics systems such as speed, steering angle, torque output and other key factors – and calculates whether the vehicle can follow the driver’s wish or if it threatens to oversteer or understeer, thereby preventing the vehicle from swerving.

BMW X5 in action at BMW xDrive Experience in Ranchi

Increased driving dynamics and optimum traction in all conditions.

On unsurfaced tracks, the BMW xDrive provides maximum traction as well as safe and fast acceleration. Individual wheel spin is suppressed with fast and variable alteration of the power distribution between front and rear axle. BMW xDrive always distributes drive power where it is required. With its outstanding versatility, it not only enhances traction in difficult road conditions but also improves driving dynamics on the road. In a car equipped with xDrive, the driver has the assurance that even under adverse road-surface conditions the torque split is always instantly optimised to provide the best possible traction and stability.

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