Biggest Luxury Car Collection by Big Boy Toyz now on Droom

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Biggest Luxury Car Collection by Big Boy Toyz now on Droom

India’s leading online automobile marketplace augments its pre-owned luxury car collection! 

Imagine driving down the highway in a Rolls Royce Phantom with the envious eyes of other motorists on your sleek black sedan as it zooms past purring quietly to itself. If you thought owning luxury cars was the stuff dreams were made of, think again! Translating this dream into reality is India’s first online automobile marketplace Droom as it welcomes India’s largest pre-owned exotic car dealership Big Boy Toyz on its platform. With an exciting range of pre-owned supercars to choose from such as Maserati, Rolls Royce, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche and Land Rover, Droom will be able to offer its clientele a chance to buy their dream cars without compromising on either economy or luxury.

Speaking on the development, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Droom said, “As India’s only consolidated online automobile marketplace, Droom has always endeavoured to provide auto-lovers with world class automobiles at the most cost-effective rates. We are thrilled to have Big Boy Toyz, which is a leading authority in India on pre-owned supercars, on board our platform. This will not only help BBT in reaching out to more customers dynamically, but will also augment our already superlative collection with the choicest pre-owned automobiles.”

Droom is India’s most versatile automobile marketplace with a wide spectrum of cars starting from popular two-wheeler bikes and Tata Nanos to Lamborghinis.

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About Droom

“Founded in April 2014 in Silicon Valley, Droom is India’s first online marketplace to buy and sell new and used automobiles and automobile services.  Droom has taken a completely innovative and disruptive approach to building trust and pricing advantages for buyers.

The current experience of buying and selling an automobile is completely broken, antiquated and full of pitfalls. Droom offers a truly 21stcentury experience in buying and selling automobiles. With its technology-driven marketplace approach, Droom enables transactions between buyers and sellers by bringing transparency, building trust and mitigating information asymmetry.  Droom is a mobile-first marketplace with a presence on three platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Desktop.

Droom is amongst the fastest growing consumer Internet companies in India with 9k+ B2C sellers, 15k+ products, 6k+ listings, $85mil.+ in listed GMV, 700k+ FB Community members (highest for any automobile community in India) and over 500k+ downloads for mobile apps.

 Droom is funded by some of the leading global venture investors and has a very strong and proven founding team with 75 years of combined experience in technology, Internet, E-Commerce and FMCG including 35 years in Silicon Valley.  Droom has a team of 85+ in its offices in Gurgaon (India) and Silicon Valley (USA).”

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