A Guide to How Car Modifications Affect Your Insurance

The car modification is a process of changing a car in a way that makes the vehicle different from how it was in its original form. The modification can be made to improve its functionality, performance, or appearance. The car enthusiasts often do this to make their car more tuned to their preferences. From a motor insurance company’s point of view, the modification of car means any changes made to it that were not available in the default model. Many car owners do not understand that modifying the car can affect the vehicle insurance they have bought.

Here is a list of points you need to know regarding that.

How modification changes the rate of insurance

When determining the price of a car, the insurance companies factor in two aspects about the car, the risk of theft and the chances of an accident. If you make a certain modification to your car, like beautification or performance enhancement, your car will be exposed to a greater chance of theft. Engine, seat, and other features of the car can make it more prone to accidents when modified. So, if you ever decide to modify the vehicle in a particular way, it might make the car insurance more risky for the insurer. It will result in a higher price for insurance.

Modifications that affect the car insurance premium

Not all modifications affect the motor insurance premium. You need to be careful about these ones in particular:

  • Mechanics modification

A car that has a higher speed often leads to accidents. So, modifying a car’s engine or the acceleration to increase its power will make the insurance more risky for the provider. This will definitely result in a higher cost for the insurance.

  • Suspension and breaks

Changing the suspension and breaks of your car changes how the vehicle will perform on the road. The insurance company prefers to know about this aspect before you buy the insurance from them. Once you provide them with the information regarding the modifications and the service provider, the insurer can offer you better car insurance quotes for the premium.

  • Interior

The modifications made to the interior of the car affects the premium too. If you decide to change the steering, seats, sound system, or any other aspect of the interior then you must inform your insurer about it.

  • Exterior

It might seem to you that changing the exterior of your car should not make any difference to the insurance premium. However, any beautification of the car, including paint job or adding patterns to your car, requires you to notify the insurance company.

  • Non-standard engines

The installation of a non-standard engine puts the car in a risk of accidents or breaking down. Such an engine can offer your car more power but the insurance companies do not see that as a good thing. If you decide to do this modification, inform the insurer with the details of the modification. The quality of the engine will determine how risky your insurance provider will find it to offer you cover for the vehicle. The cost of premium also depends on the engine quality. 

When you are buying online insurance of car, make sure to read their documents regarding car modifications so that you have a clear idea before deciding to do any car modification.

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