7 Mistakes to Avoid While Filing Two-Wheeler’s Third-Party Insurance Claim

India has been one of the leading consumers of two wheelers for quite some time now. This brings in a lot of business opportunities, newer brands to the country and better services on offer. On the other hand, the number of vehicles on the road is constantly on the rise. And the growing number of vehicles brings two major concerns along with it.

Firstly, it adds to congestion and traffic woes and secondly, it increases the probability or chances of accidents. For the later, it is essential to have a bike insurance policy. It would keep you and your bike safe from unforeseen incidents. As a matter of fact, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates all bike owners to have valid bike insurance on them.

The Act specifically mentions about having a third-party liability policy. This would ensure that in the event that you meet with an accident involving other individuals or properties, the policy will have your back. Any damages or injuries or even death arising out of an accident will be compensated by the third-party liability bike insurance.

Since a third-party liability policy involves other individuals or properties, its claims are slightly different from standard claims. The following are some of the most common mistakes that policyholders make while claiming their third-party liability policy. Avoiding them will ensure a hassle-free and smooth claims process.

1.               Failing to call the police

One of the first things to do in the case of an accident is to inform the police. Do not forget or ignore to call the local police. There might even be cases when third-party individuals might want to settle without involving the police. Try to avoid it at all cost. In fact, a FIR is one of the things that you would need to submit as a part of your third-party claim.

2.               Do not panic

In the event of an accident, take a moment to calm your nerves. Being stressed will only make the matters more complicated and stressful. There is no point in arguing with people as it would not lead to any solution. Rather keep your cool and try to arrive at a solution. Of course, it is not suggested to take the blame completely but think wisely and conclude.

3.               Do not Run Away

No matter how difficult or complicated the situation might look like, never run away from the scene. It is advisable not to move your vehicle also.

4.               Do not sign a release to the insurer

Until and unless you receive legal advice to do so, refrain from signing any release to the insurance company. If you are sure that the first provided estimate is the ultimate or final one, you can go ahead and sign.

5.               Do no miss Post Accidental formalities

Most insurers have post accidental formalities and deadlines to carry out the same. Ensure that you oblige to these formalities along with the deadlines. Missing them will only give more reasons to the insurer to reject the claims.

6.               Keep a copy of all the conversations

It is advisable to keep a copy of all the documents or conversations that take place between you and the insurer for any future reference. If you can, do take note of the individuals and their designations as well.

7.               Accepting Final Payment

Unless you are convinced with the process or the payment, do not accept any cheque that says final settlement.

Whether you buy two-wheeler insurance online or offline, third party liability policy is a bit tedious process. However, if you follow all the steps properly, there is no reason for your claim to be rejected. In the event that you do not already have a policy, look for two-wheeler insurance online.

Online 2 wheeler insurance is easy to get and is lighter on your pockets as well. The documents needed and the turnaround time for an online 2-wheeler insurance policy is also quick. Go ahead and secure your bike with a bike insurance.

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